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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grrrr!! As of now I'm REALLY frustrated!! Grrrrr! I want to customize my own page! But it seems that it's still a long way to go in learning HTML.. Coz I really don't have a single idea on how to do basic HTML.. ~sigh~ So frustrating.. Well, to be honest I really want to change my template right away but it seems that it's not gonna happen anytime sooner.. T_T

Ok, as an update of my activities today, well kinda tiring coz I was busy doing my chores like cleaning the house, cooking then cleaning the yard and among others.. ~sigh~ So much for my needed break after cramming with my Research Paper last week.. *faints*.. Aheheheheh..

Hmmm.. I was just thinking if I'll be able to maintain having a blog coz I still have other social networks which requires my time and effort as well.. Hmmm.. Coz I have this "ningas cogon" attitude.. Meaning, I'm only good at the start and then when the drive wears off I instantly lose interest.. ~sigh~ Hopefully not.. =P

Ok, gtg now.. Talk to yah again my dear blog.. ( Coz I still don't have any friends, yet!) Aheheheheh.. Poor me!!!

(TYM's Musings) ♥ Saturday, October 25, 2008
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