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Saturday, November 15, 2008
Christmas is in the Air!

Hello again! Just finished decorating our house yesterday for the Yuletide Season! Everything looks festive and cheerful! Yipee! *dances around* Our nephew just can't get enough of our Christmas Tree! Nyahahah! He was fascinated and ummm... Let's say mesmerized and obsessed with the lights as well! Aheheheheh..

It was really nice coz my mom, my sister and I joined forces in decorating our tree! Weeee! It was so much fun! Funny thing about our tree was that I broke the upper part last year so it kinda look like a half tree or something! Nyahahah!

Then, we played our fave Christmas music by Jose Mari Chan! Then, I was singing it while arranging the Christmas balls for hanging (this is my specialty HANGING X-MAS BALLS). (^ω^)V

Then, I was depressed yesterday afternoon coz I can't seem to make a good graphic plus I was already tired from decorating the house so I decided to just rest for a while then upon going out of the room I've forgotten that there are already decorations around the house! It really cheered me up so much!

That's why I consider Christmas as one of my fave holidays of the season! Yehey! \(^∇^)/

Advance Merry Christmas everyone! =^.^=

(TYM's Musings) ♥ Saturday, November 15, 2008
Camp Phillips

Hiya! Hmm.. The one that I'll be posting today happened ages ago. Ok, that was last Wednesday! Aheheheh...

At that day, I was invited to promote the Teacher Education Program at Holy Cross High School, Camp Phillips, Bukidnon. That particular Wednesday was supposed to be our program meeting but since I'm going so I was excused. I was particularly full through out that day. Coz I had my lunch at 10:00 am something then our teacher treated us to lunch so that we'll not get hungry along the way. So, I ate halo-halo while the others ordered for lunch. Hmmm.. The halo-halo was not that yummy compared to the buko halo of my other fave resto. *sigh* Better have it than nothing. I'm so ungrateful! Nyahahah!

Upon going there, it was a brand new experience for me coz I never get to travel always even though Camp Phillips is just a 45 minute ride from the city. Aheheheheh.. Anyways, I was able to see and savor the beauty of the country side. Grrrr.. I wasn't able to take any photos! Huhuhuhuh... No digicam! Ok, moving on.. We've passed a lot of planted pineapples (main product coz the Del Monte company is base there), rootcrops, bananas and among others. Passing by that road made me realize the natural beauty of the place! It was really amazing for me.

When we entered Camp Phillips, it was really beautiful. The houses are all painted since the company's employees lived there, the place was very clean and cold! Yeah, it was like Baguio or something.. Nyahahahaha.. When our company arrived at the school I was starting to get nervous coz there are a lot of Seniors who would listen to us promoting our school. Speaking of which the school was kinda old but the auditorium was really modern with sensitive sound system! I can even hear my own breath while talking! Hihihihihih.. As usual the fave courses during the promotion was Nursing and HRM. But it's alright with me as long as those students will follow their own strengths and interests in life then its fine with me. Coz as for me I'm deeply grateful and contented with my course.. Ahehehehe.. Char!

Before leaving we bought 'pasalubong'. As for me I bought a PINEAPPLE and CHANTILY bars. It was really delicious! Funny part was I borrowed money coz mine was not enough! Nyahahahah! All of it lasted for a day! Nyahahah

Traveling back to the city made me realize how nice it is to have a vacation house wherein u get to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. *sigh* That would be HEAVEN! =^.^=

The whole ride was really tiring! *faints* But I've also realized that aside from living in Bukidnon I still stand true with the saying, "Home is truly where the heart is". So, I'm forever loyal to where I'm currently residing right now! Nyahahah!

Alright, that's all...
(TYM's Musings) ♥ Saturday, November 15, 2008
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
My Official Blogspot

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! It's official! This is really my blog! Nyahahaha! I'm ever sooo happy! Pls. enjoy ur stay! Nyahahah!

Ok, as for my realizations, I just realized how difficult and kinda confusing it is in editing one's template! *whew* Coz I have to trace its respective codes! Then, I have to be careful in editing it or else every thing will be screwed up! Geeez! Learning HTML is no mean feat either!

Ahhh! I'm ever so fulfilled upon finishing my blog! Yehey! Let's celebrate! Weeee!! Ahahahahah..

Oh, btw.. Today's the first day of second term.. So, I better prepare.. Bye! *hugs u all warmly*
(TYM's Musings) ♥ Wednesday, November 05, 2008
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