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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Alright, this is just practically just nothing extraordinary. However, I felt that I have to post this. Just wanna share my thoughts after all. Aheheh.

Ok, here goes. This had happened a week ago (I think).. So, yeah. This is kinda late already! But whatever.

Ok, here it is. Aheheheh. We'll it was a rare think to happen wherein we've experienced blackout at night! It was really irritating!

I've just came home early coz we were dismissed early but sad to say at 6pm we had a blackout! And it was at night! I was supposed to do something on the net! Sheeesh! So, we ate dinner by candlelight (heheheh, kinda spooky and not romantic). Then it was freakin' hot! Plus, I have to wash the dishes (by candlelight of course, oooh-la-la..) Then our nephew had a hard time sleeping coz he usually sleep with our air conditioner on! So, we have no choice but to take turns fanning him coz he sweats a lot. So, we couldn't sleep properly at all.

I've reflected at that moment that it's practically hard having no electricity esp. when one is used to having one. Then, what more in some remote areas in our country that has no electricity at all! So, I've realized that I'm really blessed that my needs are properly met and well provided. And that I must not take everything in my life for granted!

NOTE: The blackout started at 6:00 pm then it went back at 12:00 midnight. Grrrrrrr!!!!
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