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Saturday, December 6, 2008
The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants
Hiya! This is my first movie review and I chose (drum rolls)...

As for this movie I've already watched the first one and its sequel. And as far as I can say, "It was totally awesome!!!" This movie is all about four best friends who had found a pair of pants at a shop wherein it can fit them all. Hmmm.. I was wondering if it was magic, destiny or just pure coincidence. Anyways, what I love about the movie was that the story is very realistic and heartwarming. I've never cried painfully together with the characters of the movie for quite some time. Heheheheh.. I cried because I was able to relate with them very well.

My fave characters in the story would be Lena a.k.a Alexis Bledel (I heart her love story!) and Carmen a.k.a America Ferrera (my ultimate idol, love her acting soo much coz her acting is very realistic).

The story had loads of values. It was also shown that genuine friendship can withstand any difficulties as long as friends stay true to one another.

(TYM's Musings) ♥ Saturday, December 06, 2008
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