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Saturday, December 6, 2008
T.V Moment

Waaaa! It's been quite a while since I've made a blog! Aheheheh.. Well, that's because I've been extremely busy lately even though most of my subjects are just minors. But, OH-MY-GOODNESS!!! All of it are memory stuff! Like there's Logic, Social Science, Economics, History-2 and ... Alright enough bubbling. Heheheh..

Let's proceed now to my blog entree. Nyeheheh!!

Ever realize that we spent so much time on the net that we even miss to watch television together with our family? Well, that's what I've realized lately. Ever since we had our broadband connection a year ago, we don't get to watch television with our mom anymore. Coz I would instantly spend my free time entertaining myself on the net.

Then, just a week ago I started watching television with our mom again. Like watching dvd's or just listening to the news and stuff like that. Heheheh.. Then, I've realized that it felt good spending quality time with my family. Like we get to discussed what we've watched, share jokes, munch chips, and among others that made me feel happy and contented.

Thus, I conclude that it's still not good to seclude ourselves from the real world. We have to make quality time with our family no matter what. Coz we'll never know when we'll experienced being together again. ^^

Ok, this are my thoughts so far. Heheheh
(TYM's Musings) ♥ Saturday, December 06, 2008
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