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Saturday, June 6, 2009
Anime Music Videos
Hello minna! Here's another update of my blog! Aheheh! I proudly present to you my personal fave of AMV's! Nyahahaha! Oh, if ur wondering how I was able to come across this, well the main culprit would be my "escapism" mode! Teehee! I've looked and watched them to death when I was feeling depressed coz my mom will be away for a week to attend my grandpa's funeral. So, that was my main motivation? Nyehehehe! Nah, it's like my cheer-me-up escapism. Heheheh!

Here they are in my fave order. Pick one if you like! Btw, the featured vids are not mine. So, I give credit to their respective owners.

Far Away: Chihiro x Haku

Waaa! This AMV is bittersweet! Not to mention the song as well! Just perfect! I've seen this AMV two years ago while my twin and I were browsing around Youtube to catch a glimpse of Spirited Away! But we've managed to watch the movie though! Ahehehe! I was tearful while watching this coz it has my fave scenes from the movie! Uwaaaa! *sniffles* Like when Haku hug Chihiro, then Chihiro helped Haku when he was badly injured, and when the two of them where falling from the sky then Haku remembered who he was! It was really touching! Then, when they parted company when Chihiru managed to return to her home then Haku said don't look back! Waaaa! It was really heart breaking! How I wish they became a couple in the end, neh?

Undress Me: Sakujun x Shuurei

This is also one of my faves ever! I also cried when I first watched this! Hmmm.. Why am I so emotional when I watched something that I love? Aheheheh. Guilty of being a sentimentalist! Teehee! Among the bishies of Sainkoku Monogatari, I really heart Sa Sakujun. I love him coz he's very intriguing and mesmerizing! Kyaaaa! Just thinking about him gives me goosebumps! Nyahahah!

Anyways, love their romantic scenes with Shuurei! I know some of you opposes to my taste but.. Nah, just mind your own business! Nyeheheh! I just love this AMV coz it was beautifully done. I was also devastated that he had to die in the middle of the series! Uwaaa! Why!? Why did it has to end like this! *cries dramatically* Ahehehe.. Sorry, getting carried away here. Plus, the song really fits it well! I mean, its like the lyrics were made for this AMV, right? Ahehehe! Wicked! *thumbs up*

Only Hope: Mattia x Remi

Lo-lo-lurve this as well! I'm a great fun of Remi Nobody's Girl. At first, I didn't know that she will have a love interest in the middle part of the story! I was just thinking that she'll just travel in search of her true identity then encounter different adventures along the way. But having a love interest was an added bonus! It just made me go gaga with this anime! Nyahahah!

My twin came across this at Youtube. We thought we wouldn't find any coz Remi was a classic anime. But thank goodness someone made an AMV about the two of them! *dances around* What I like about their pairing would be the infinite purity and sweetness of their love. I also admire Mattia's love and devotion towards Remi coz he did helped her a lot like finding her real family and rescuing her from the kidnappers. At first, I thought he'll not fell for her coz his very formal and keeps most to himself. So, I was really overjoyed that he has serious feelings towards Remi! *sigh*

Hagi x Saya

The main title of this AMV is Hagi's Song to Saya. I just changed it to fit the format of the former AMVs. Aheheheh. I love this coz it features my beloved Hagi! *faints* Love his myterious yet charismatic persona! *droolz* I am also a certified Hagi and Saya fan! What draws me to this video was the nice scenes from the series and the song as well. Though, I dunno what's the title! Ahehehe!

Sora: Van x Hitomi

The Vision of Escaflowne holds a very special place in my heart. The last time I've seen this was when I was still in my primary years. I love it so much that I always watched this in our local TV station. Sad to say I wasn't able to see its ending until just a few weeks ago. I was quite sad coz Hitomi and Van did not end up together. *sigh* But anyways, what I also love about this AMV was Shanty Snider's song "Sora". It's really sweet, poignant and heavenly.

Escaping, But Not Far - Anime Boston 2008 Death Note AMV

Last but not least would be this Death Note AMV. My twin recommended it to me. I find it cool most esp. the music. This AMV won first place in the Anime Boston Convention:Drama Category. So, even though I wasn't able to watch Death Note (yet) I like this AMV. Though, I'm sorry for the poor copy but at least it's worth watching. Pwamise! *winks*

(TYM's Musings) ♥ Saturday, June 06, 2009
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