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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Summer Anime Marathon II
Let's get started!!! *drum rolls*

Ouran High School

Believe it or not this was my very first anime that I've bought! Aheheheh.. Well, at that time I was in the mood for watching wacky but romantic animes! Nyahahah! What I love about this is that it kept me laughing every time I watched this! Every single episode never bores me. I love the bishies most esp. Toma and Kyouya! And of course the heroine of the story, Haruhi! But alas! Every good time must come to an end. I was shocked when I've discovered that half of its eps were corrupted. It started at ep.11 (the part where the gang visited Haruhi's home and they met her cosplaying dad!!!) till ep. 20! See? I've missed half the part! I really cried when I've realized I'll never be able to see it all! Really, I did cry! I'm not kidding! Nyeheheh! So, I have no choice but to return it where I've bought it. Then, my twin replaced it with...

La Corda De Oro (Primo Passo)

At first I was hesitant upon watching it. I mean its like I'm seeing the word 'boring ' written all over the cover! Nyahahah! I know it was pretty mean of me! But as the old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover'. Ahehehehh. Then, when I started watching it I've just realized how beautiful the anime is. Esp. the music, how the bishies are drawn magnificently *sigh* and the plot of the story. The anime also taught me that as long as we know what we want and work hard on it by pouring our whole heart and soul then we can make it even though the road ahead is vague and unsettling. My fave bishie would be Yunoki coz I can relate to his character very well. As for my fave ep it would be the 'Summer Encore'! Kyaaaaa! Really love Yunoki's part together with Kaho! Kyaaaaa!

Special A

Hmmm.. Watching Special A was also surprisignly good. Coz when I've started watching it I was thinking that it was kinda lame and 'corny'. Aheheheh.. I'm kind of a pessimist, right? Ahehehe.. Anyways, as the story progresses I find it already entertaining and fun to watch. Most esp. the love teams! Nyahahah! I love Megumi and Saiga! Kyaaa! I never expected that it would turn out differently in the end! Esp. wherein they had a date then Megumi sang a song to him! Kyaaa! *faints*

Tsubasa Chronicles

As for this anime I haven't finished watching it yet. Aheheheh. But it was also surprisingly good! As for the moment, I love the music and the effects the anime has. CLAMP works are really world class! Aheheheh! Well, if I'll finish this one I'll just add a few notes soon. Aheheheh.

Blood +

Last but not least, would be my one of my fave animes ever! I've laughed and cried while watching this. I've seen this in our local TV station. I was surprised that it had been around for quite a while now. I didn't even realized it. Ahehehe. *scratches head* Anyways, upon seeing it on TV I was quite intrigue what the story is all about and who are the characters in the story. So, I decided to watch a couple of eps coz I wasn't able to see the whole series. Then, I also googled it and I've read a lot of spoilers at wiki. Ahehehe. So, it was not really heart wrenching when Riku was raped and killed by Diva. But if I didn't expect that, I would have cried myself to death! Nyeheheh. That was too much. However, Blood + really got to me. I was crying when Moses and Karman died, it hurts to think that Solomon had to die as well, Saya and Haji got separated during the chaos at the Opera House and the ending as well wherein Saya had to sleep for a long time. Thus, after 30 yrs. Kei is already old then her 'lil nieces are all grown up. Aheheheh. Just visualizign the future. Nyahahah! So, she'd missed 30 yrs. of her life because of her fate. Personally, that's kinda hard don't you think so?

Another plus factor with this anime would be the love story between Saya and Haji. Ah, not to mention Solomon and Kei's unrequiuted love. Kyaaaa! Love these three bishies! I love Haji coz he's hot! Nyahahah! Love Solomon coz he's handsome! Love Kei coz he's brave and strong! Wish my future hubbie would possesed their qualities! Hahahaha! That's just too idealistic! Nyahahahah!

Alright! Thank u for reading my newest post! See u again soon!

(TYM's Musings) ♥ Wednesday, June 03, 2009
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